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MagWiper Series Electronic storage media degausser

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MagWiper Series
Electronic storage media degausser



[Diagonal magnetization system] * An industry first

This method enables efficient erasure of magnetic data from modern perpendicular magnetic-recording HDDs. The system has 50% greater erasing capacity than conventional methods. The term “diagonal magnetization system” refers to the use of diagonal magnetization across the platter surface that contains the magnetic material. Perpendicular magnetic recording is now frequently used in large-capacity HDDs. Advanced Design is the first company in the world to use the diagonal magnetization system in degaussers. (Patented in the US and Japan)

Destroying a Hard Drive Effortlessly

The product is easy to operate. By pushing one button, all the data in the hard drive will be destroyed.

Generating a Strong Magnetic Force in a Flash, Destroying Data Completely

The magnetic field strength can reach 10,000 Oe and more, destroying all the data in the hard drive in a flash (1 second) so that the hard drive can no longer be read.

The degausser can change the magnetic pole arrangement of the hard drive in a flash using a strong magnetic field.

After the magnetic pole rearrangement, all the data stored in the hard drive are eliminated.

Record Management Software

With a barcode scanner , historical records can be managed properly.



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