Sunday, April 14, 2024
  • App Development: Assembly, C++, C# | Java, Kotlin | Swift
  • Web Development: PHP, VueJS, React | CSS SCSS SASS
  • Web Application: Deployment or Hosting: LAMP, LEMP, Plesk, Cpanel | NodeJS, Apache, Tomcat
  • App Containerization: Docker Kubernetes | MSI, UWP | APK, Android App Bundle
  • OS Modification: Linux Custom Kernels | Android Firmware Modification or Custom System Build
  • Unified Infrastructure Support: Linux, Windows 2019/2022 Server, Unix, – Please note we only support networks that have been designed or retrofitted by us.
  • Unified Communications: Voice Over IP – We can design you a complete professional communications system

If a database is required we will discuss suitable options. ie: MYSQL | MSSQL | MongoDB | NoSQL | Postgres We only work with the latest dependencies when designing new applications

We can credit check your company, an match our prices accordingly to your budget. Haggling is allowed for users in the Philippines and other countries with similar economies. Our prices are economic dependent, for example in Philippines we wont charge micro-businesses and startups, USA or UK prices due to the low income bracket. For Asia please go to AckerWorx.Net πŸ™‚ you may communicate via Facebook Messenger, we support a variety of local languages.

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