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12 Piece Classic 2500 Series Lock Pick Set


Southern Specialties makes some excellent picks, especially their Longhorn Lockpicking tension tool set and their laminated handle picks. Their 12 piece sets make a good assortment of too and were designed by members of

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12E Lock Pick Set (2500 Series)


This set comes with 6 lock picks that are .025 inch thick.  They have under gone a secondary finishing process to smooth and round all edges. Our #6E Bogota® pick has a hand finishing process (See close up) that provides a smooth fluid like surface.


The 6 turning tools come with 2 different and 3 different thickness.


Thicknesses Color Code:

  • Red 3″ long .030” Thick
    • .50″ leg, .125″ wide
    • .25″ leg, .094″ wide
  • White 3″ long .040” Thick
    • .50″ leg, .125″ wide
    • .25″ leg, .094″ wide
  • Blue 3″ long .050” Thick
    • .50″ leg, .125″ wide
    • .25″ leg, .094″ wide


The short leg allows the tool to be inserted into a key-way at the center of the plug (TOK) and should not interfere with the #1 pin. The long leg turning tool is used at the edge of the plug.



  • #1E Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond
  • #2E Euro Hollow Half Diamond
  • #3E Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond
  • #4E Euro Slim Line Short Hook
  • #6E Euro Wave Jiggler (Bogota®)
  • #9E Euro Modified Curve

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