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Acker-24 eDiscovery & Incident Response


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The ACKER-24 AI-Enhanced Digital Forensics Workstation is the pinnacle of innovation in the realm of eDiscovery and Incident Response, meticulously engineered for the forensic specialist of today. Each model within this series is a testament to superior design, offering unparalleled I/O capabilities, unmatched network throughput, and expansive scalability for storage needs.


The backbone of the ACKER-24 system is its dual Intel Xeon W-3400 series processors, boasting up to 56 cores each and providing top-tier performance metrics that set new benchmarks in processing power. Starting with an impressive 1TB of DDR5 RAM, expandable to a monumental 6TB, this system is equipped to handle the most demanding data analysis and computational tasks with ease. Unlike the compromises seen in other systems, the ACKER-24 features dual NVIDIA RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X GPUs, ensuring that no video or image processing task is too challenging.

At the heart of this system is a motherboard engineered for exceptional performance in high I/O scenarios, perfectly complementing the cutting-edge processors and memory configurations.


For storage, the ACKER-24 introduces a new paradigm with its lightning-fast storage volumes:

  • The operating system is powered by 2x 2TB PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSDs, configurable in RAID 1 for redundancy or RAID 0 for unparalleled speed.
  • A dedicated 4x 2TB PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD array in RAID 10 caters to database operations, offering both speed and data integrity.
  • Processing tasks are accelerated with 2x 24TB NVMe U.3 SSDs in RAID 1, setting a new standard for high-speed data access.
  • An extensive data storage solution featuring 8x 18TB Enterprise/NAS Class SSDs in RAID 6 ensures robust data protection and storage capacity.


Elevating the incident response capabilities, the ACKER-24 offers a customizable networking suite. Operators can select from dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, additional 10 Gigabit port cards, Fiber Channel cards, or virtually any other networking configuration required for forensic investigations. This flexibility ensures that each examiner can tailor the system to meet their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and connectivity.


The ACKER-24 stands unrivaled in performance and configuration for eDiscovery and Incident Response tasks. Conceived by experts in security and hardware design, this workstation is optimized for maximum I/O performance, not just locally but across the network. With its AI-enhanced capabilities and state-of-the-art components, the ACKER-24 is the definitive solution for modern forensic examiners, delivering unparalleled power and flexibility to meet the challenges of today’s digital forensic investigations.



ACKER-12 Specifications (Upgradable)

  • Processors:

    • Two (2) Intel Xeon W-3400 Series Processors: The latest in the Xeon lineup, offering unparalleled multi-core performance with up to 56 cores per processor and faster boost speeds to handle intense computational tasks effortlessly.


    • 1TB of DDR5 RAM: Operating at speeds upwards of 4800 MHz, this ultra-fast DDR5 RAM ensures unmatched data throughput and bandwidth, essential for handling large datasets and complex calculations in real-time.


    • Two (2) 2TB PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSDs in RAID 1 for the Operating System: Providing blistering read/write speeds to ensure the system boots and operates with unprecedented efficiency.
    • Four (4) 2TB PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSDs set in RAID 10 for Database Files: Offering a perfect balance of speed and redundancy for critical database operations.
    • Two (2) 24TB NVMe U.3 SSDs in RAID 1 for Processing: Utilizing the latest NVMe technology for high-speed data processing.
    • Eight (8) 18TB Enterprise/NAS Class SSDs in RAID 6 for Data Storage: Ensuring optimal data protection and storage efficiency with solid-state reliability and speed.

    Graphics Processing Unit:

    • Two (2) NVIDIA RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X GPUs: These GPUs represent the zenith of graphics processing power, designed for the most demanding computational and rendering tasks.

    Cooling and Power:

    • Advanced Liquid Cooling System: A custom loop liquid cooling system designed for extreme performance setups, keeping both CPUs and GPUs at optimal temperatures.
    • 2000 Watt 80 Plus Titanium Certified Power Supply Unit: Ensuring stable and efficient power delivery to all components, even under maximum load.

    Other Components:

    • Blu-Ray 16X Writer with BDXL Support: For high-density optical media storage and playback.
    • Hot Swap Bays: Updated with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 support for the 2.5” and 3.5” hot swap trays, offering faster data transfers with external drives.
    • Forensic Card Reader: Upgraded to support the latest memory card standards, including CFexpress and SD Express.
    • USB Hubs: A 4-port USB 4.0 hub and a 10-port USB 3.2 hub, ensuring ample connectivity for the latest peripherals and devices.
    • Tableau T-3iu: Retained for its forensic imaging capabilities, ensuring compatibility with the latest storage technologies.
    • High-End Fans: Utilizing magnetic levitation technology, these fans provide exceptional cooling with minimal noise, rated for a 300,000-hour lifespan.
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit, optimized for the latest hardware and security standards.


Additional Specifications

Systems can be bought with or without warranty.


Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions:

    • Size: 18β€³W x 24β€³H x 26β€³D (457mm x 610mm x 660mm): This increased size is essential to accommodate the dual 4090 GPUs, 1TB of DDR5 RAM, and the advanced cooling system while ensuring there’s enough space for airflow and future expansions.

    Structural Design:

    • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum with a thickness of 0.150β€³ (or 3.81mm) for enhanced durability and thermal conductivity.
    • Finish: Nano-coated Black with customizable RGB LED accents. The nano-coating is resistant to fingerprints and scratches, ensuring the case maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.

    Cooling System:

    • Fan Sizes: Incorporates 140mm and 240mm magnetic levitation fans for whisper-quiet operation and optimal airflow. The case includes AI-controlled fan hubs that dynamically adjust fan speeds based on the internal temperature sensors, ensuring efficient cooling under varying load conditions.
    • Liquid Cooling: Designed to support custom loop liquid cooling systems with dedicated channels for easy maintenance and upgrades. The AI system can monitor and adjust the liquid flow and radiator fans for optimal cooling efficiency.

    Storage and Expansion:

    • Open 5.25β€³ Bays: Reduced to 2, optimized for modern storage needs and to free up space for additional cooling solutions.
    • PCI Chassis Expansion Slots: Increased to 10 slots to accommodate dual GPUs and additional expansion cards with ample clearance.
    • Storage Bays: Customizable modular storage bays supporting up to 4x 2.5” NVMe SSDs and 2x 3.5” HDDs with hot-swap functionality. AI-enhanced vibration damping ensures data integrity and reduces noise.

    Additional Features:

    • Front Panel: Features a 4K touch display for system monitoring and control, including thermal statistics, system performance, and customizable controls for lighting and fans. Also includes USB 4.0, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and an SD Express card reader for high-speed data transfer.
    • AI Enhanced Security: Integrated biometric security for access control, using facial recognition or fingerprint scanning to unlock the chassis and encrypt sensitive data.
    • Power Supply Enclosure: Supports up to a 2000 Watt PSU with active noise cancellation technology and temperature-controlled fan speed for the power supply unit.

    Customization and Modular Design:

    • The case is designed with modularity in mind, allowing for easy upgrades and customization. Components like storage bays, fan mounts, and even the front touch panel can be easily swapped or upgraded without the need for extensive disassembly.

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